Power Transformer


Power Transformer

With our excellence in this field, we share forefront for supplying world-class array of products from Nashik(India). Reckoned for our excellent customer care support, we have become preeminent suppliers of Power Transformers in the industry.

  • Range :
      - Autotransformers Generator.
      - Step-up Transformers Small Power Transformers.
      - Medium Power Transformers Large Power Transformers Regulating.
      - Power Transformers System / Two Winding Transformers Phase-shifting Transformers.
      - Mobile Transformers Shunt Reactors.

Description Ratings Voltages Standards
Autotransformers Up to 1000 MVA Up to 800 kV Ansi,Iec,Is,Bs,Nema
Generator Step-up Transformers Up to 1000 MVA Up to 800 kV Ansi,Iec,Is,Bs,Nema,Other
Small Power Transformers Up to 25 MVA Up to 145 kV Ansi,Iec,Is,Bs,Nema,Other
Medium Power Transformers Up to 60 MVA Up to 245 kV Ansi,Iec,Is,Bs,Nema
Large Power Transformers Up to 600 MVA Up to 1200 kV Ansi,Iec,Is,Bs,Nema
Regulating Power Transformers Up to 20 MVA Up to 66 kV Iec,Other
System / Two Winding Transformers Up to 600 MVA Up to 800 kV Ansi,Iec,Is,Bs,Nema,Other
Phase-shifting Transformers Up to 500 MVA Up to 525 kV Ansi,Iec,Is,Bs,Nema
Mobile Transformers Up to 100 MVA Up to 245 kV Ansi,Iec,Is,Bs,Nema,Other
Shunt Reactors Up to 125 MVAr Up to 765 kV Ansi,Iec,Is,Other

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Presto Switchgear provides technical support in very professionalism way and of high quality. Immediate telephone support available with technicians specialised by product and services.